WBC Church History


God has worked wonderfully here at WBC and our church’s history is a living testimony of how God has worked in the life of the church and how He has given us the priviledg to serve the Wilmington, OH area.

Wilmington Baptist Church began meeting at the East End School as a mission work in August of 1980, by the authority of Bryan Station Baptist Church. One year later, August of 1981, they organized into an independent Baptist church. In 1986 the church was blessed to move into its present location.

As a Bible believing, Bible preaching church, we strive to glorify God by fulfilling our part of the Great Commission that the Lord gave to His church (churches) before ascending back to heaven. We do so through various ministries designed to evangelize, disciple, and edify every age group.

W.B.C. is a friendly family of born again, baptized believers who would love to have the opportunity to minister to you and the privilege of getting to know you.